Friday, August 12, 2011

Sweet Customers Parties

I love it when my customers send me party pics and I get the chance to see all the creative and fun things that they have come up with.  I have so many files of pics and just decided to bite the bullet and start sharing!

Back in early summer, I premiered our newest collection, "Berry Sweet". LOVE this collection, so perfect for a girly, fun summer birthday party.   Amanda from Mandy Ann's Clothing was the first to use this collection for her daughter Brynlee's 6th birthday party.  She did an amazing job putting everything together.  It is just adorable!

LOVE how she used the favor tags on the mason jars!

Have I told you lately how much I love what I do?  There is so much satisfaction in seeing the biggest smile on a child (or a grown-ups) face when they see what you have created for their party.  EVERYONE deserves that extra special party and I love being a part of that!  It is really super special when you can do that for a friend.  

Mona is a wonderful friend.  Her daughter, Sia goes to school with my daughters and they have become such good buddies.  They LOVE all things pink and princess.  So when Mona asked me to make some goodies for Sia's 4th birthday party, I knew it would have to be special.  Sia LOVES Little Mermaid, but especially Ursula the Sea Witch!

Love the favor boxes

And the treasure chests for the boys

And here's Ursula!
 What a great place for a party.  Pool side for all the little mermaids!

And here is the sweet birthday princess herself!  Happy Birthday Sia!  

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