Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday

I primarily do children's parties, bridal and baby showers, etc, but LOVE when I get asked to do invitations for grown up parties.  After all, shouldn't grown ups have fun invites and party decor too?

A few months ago, my Uncle Mark turned 60 (He's actually my hubby's uncle, but that's just logistics) .   It was only fitting that he have a big bash to celebrate!  Mark and his wife Peggy are very special to me.  All of my aunts and uncles live out of town and every since Drew and I met and I moved to Baltimore they have taken me under their wing.  Over the years, we have become such good friends, I know I can always count on them. They ADORE my girls as much as my girls adore them!

Mark is a huge Baltimore Orioles fan so that is the theme that we went with.  I did the invites and the party decor and he and Peggy pulled from his collection of O's memorabilia to decorate their house for the party.  Everything looked amazing and the party was so much fun!

I designed the invite to look just like an Orioles ticket

Favors of roasted peanuts

And even Cal Ripken made a guest appearance

A few of the party goers (my girls) and Mark and Peggy


  1. Wow! What sweet things you say! We love you too and we LOVED the party and how you brought it all together for us. You're the best and we love you! It was a fun party and your creative decorations made all the better.

  2. Mark you are the best. So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Laura you are so creative! So proud to call you my daughter.

  3. How special to be able to decorate a party for someone dear to you! Such fun details!