Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy Times........

 i first have to apologize for the definite lack of posts.  i promised myself that i would try to post at least a few times a week and boy, have i not done that.  things have been super busy here and i am loving that!  i have had the opportunity to do so many custom designs in the last few weeks.  they are my favorite.  i love to see ideas that customers bring me and how we can put them into the perfect concept for an amazing party.

i have a really good friend that i have never actually met in person.  we were both pregnant and on bed rest with our twins at the same time.  she in california and i here in baltimore.  our twins are about 2 weeks apart and both sets just turned four.  jacob and mia, andrea's twins had the cutest birthday party at a bakery.   the bakery provided all kinds of adorable favors for the kids and they each were able to decorate their own cupcake to take home.  LOVE!   i was so excited when andrea contacted me to do some favor tags for her and some fun centerpiece signs to use at the party.

I have promised myself that I wanted to try to do more boy party themes.  Having three girls, it is so easy to find myself doing all girl things, all pink!  I was really excited when another good friend asked me to do a pirate themed party for her youngest, Max.  

 And probably the most original, creative party that I have ever done was the Shel Silverstein party.  When Robin contacted me to do this party for her son Justin's 4th birthday, I have to admit, I was really nervous about ideas and how to put this party together.  I know Shel Silverstein, but never really read many of his books as a child and wasn't really sure.  I headed to the library and checked out several of his books and started to research.  Well, the ideas just started coming in.  Robin is so creative and together, her and I came up with a really cool party.  I tried my hand at sketching some illustrations for the invite.  I was able to sketch the tree with no problems, but enlisted the help of the super talented duo behind Piggy Bank Parties for the perfect illustration of a little boy.  I sent them a picture of Justin and they nailed it!  If you ever need any design work check them out!  I just mailed out her party pack today and can't wait to see pictures of this fabulous party!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Valentine Printables

This last few months has been a whirlwind and I am loving it.  Things are really starting to pick up and I just wanted to thank all my customers and all my fans!  Your support is what keeps my dream alive!  Enjoy a free set of Valentine printables.  Make something fun for your sweeties!

Rock Star Party

I just got an email from a sweet customer who used my Rock Star party line for her son's 5th birthday.   Everything looked so cute and she added so many personal touches that made that party truly "rock".  I know, ignore my cheesy humor.

We blew up the invite to make some big posters

 Love the streamers on the ceiling

These guitar pics look so cool!

What a super creative idea to use the guitar pics for pin the pic on the guitar game!

Be sure to check out even more pics at Jennifer's website.  She is in the running for Top 50 Moms Blogs Contest.  

Amazing Valentines Giveaway by Laura Winslow

I don't think that I have ever come across a more amazing giveaway than the one that Laura Winslow is doing right now.  There are 61 vendors with a total of $2600 in merchandise going to be awarded to one lucky winner.  Get over there....RIGHT......NOW!!!!

And while you are there, check out her amazing photography!  Her pictures are gorgeous!!