Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Celebration

I am FINALLY getting around to posting pics of our Super Fun Summer Party last year.  6 kiddos with Winter Birthdays=a reason to have a party!  WARNING! LOTS OF PICS!

for those of you who know me, you know i love to throw parties. i could find a reason or occasion to have a party everyday, but i am SURE that drew wouldn't approve so, i won't even go there. our next door neighbors have three boys and we have three girls, all the same ages. we often jokingly call ourselves the "brady bunch".

all 6 kids have winter birthdays. we have joked that we are "so envious" of all the fun summer birthday parties we see online and wish we could just have a popsicle eating, pool party, slip n slide kind of party for our 6 in the backyard. so the half birthday idea was born!

we set the tone for the party with this invitation that i designed.

what a fun day it was! we rented a GIANT waterslide bounce house, had tons of great foods, a lemonade stand sweets bar and fun favors for the kids. the biggest surprise came after lunch! the snow ball truck drove right up into the yard! the line was so long as kids and grownups enjoyed it all!

The reason we had this party!

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