Monday, June 18, 2012

Ultimate Birthday Guide

A few months ago, I opened my inbox to the most excited email from Heather at Cool Progeny.  She had seen the girls Shabby Chic Cowgirl Party and after squealing at all the sweet compliments she had about the party, I was able to finish reading her email.  She asked me if I was interested in becoming part of the creative team behind Cool Progeny.

For those of you who don't know, Cool Progeny is the most amazing site for local families in and around the Baltimore/Washington area.  Heather and the team write about everything from parenting tips, fun things to do in our area with your kiddos to parties, crafts, baking, etc.  The blog is one you must check out!

I, of course, was so excited to join this creative team of ladies and have since been writing about crafts, and anything and everything party.  With that said, we just launched our Ultimate Birthday Guide.  If you are planning a birthday party anytime soon, you must check out this guide.  It's amazing!  What to wear, where to host the party, styling ideas (look for Cupcakes and Lemonade), local vendors, favor and decoration ideas, gift giving ideas and SO MUCH MORE!  It's a compiled list of the "best of the best" in and around Baltimore and every vendor/venue has been tried and tested by members of our "Cool Team."

So, put on your party hats and head over to check out the Ultimate Birthday Guide by Cool Progeny!

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