Sunday, August 12, 2012

Only One More Week........

Wow, where has this summer gone?  In the beginning of the summer, I had the girls booked in camps, events, programs everyday.  But as the days started, I realized that all I really wanted to do was spend time with my girls.  The twins, Preslee and Mason are starting kindergarten this year and my youngest, Finley will be in half day pre-school, 3/days a week.  This is all new to me, my kids being gone all day for school.  The whole experience is bittersweet.  For the first time in 5 1/2 years, I am going to have a few hours a day, know I will find tons to do, but I am so going to miss my girls.  Their squeals, giggles, playing princess, shopping, the mid-day cuddles on the sofa.  Do you think their teachers would mind if I popped in for a mid-day hug if I miss them too much?

Last year, we hosted a Back to School Bash for the girls and all their friends as a kick off to preschool.  This year, I have to admit, time has gotten away from me.  So, when we get back from the beach, I am going to have their favorite type of party, a tea party.  We are having a back to school tea party.  Complete with all their favorites, chocolate cake, cold milk and strawberries.  I have planned a fun scavenger hunt for all of their school supplies and their adorable personalized lunch boxes!  Stay tuned for pics!

But in the mean time, as we are all planning on getting our kids back to school, here is a FREE printable for all my awesome fans!  Thanks so much for supporting Cupcakes and Lemonade.  We have had an awesome start to 2012 and I am looking forward to sharing lots of fun designs with you!

Just click, print, cut and pack a fun little message to your sweeties!

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